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Tesla Software Features


NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU computing products are designed for high-performance computing at the workstation and in the data center. There are a number of CUDA software features that are designed specifically for GPGPU and are exclusively supported only on Tesla products. These are summarized in the table below.

Software Application
         Description           Support Matrix           Download
Performance Driver for Windows: TCC driver
Tesla driver for Windows
Enables remote desktop, Windows services
Reduces kernel launch overhead
Works for CUDA C/C++
C-series GPUs: Windows Vista, Windows 7
M-series and S-series products: Windows HPC Server 2008 and 2008 R2
Available from //www.nvidia.co.uk/
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M-series drivers available from OEMs
GPU Monitoring: nvsmi
GPU temperature
Fan speed
ECC information
M-series and S-series products
Windows and Linux
Available in Tesla drivers //www.nvidia.co.uk/
Select Tesla product and OS
GPU Cluster Management
Exclusive mode: Enables application-exclusive access to a particular GPU
GPU visible devices: Environment variable to enable cluster management software to limit the Tesla GPUs an application can use
M-series and S-series products
Windows and Linux
Available in Tesla drivers //www.nvidia.co.uk/
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NVIDIA GPUDirect™ v1.0
Tesla solution that enables faster communication between GPUs and InfiniBand adaptors
C-series, M-series and S-series products
Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.4 only
Tesla driver
RHEL kernel patch
InfiniBand OFED drivers
Instructions for installation
NVIDIA GPUDirect™ v2.0
GPU peer-to-peer communication
All Tesla 20-series GPUs
All Linux and Windows versions supported by CUDA Toolkit 4.0 or later
Available in Tesla drivers //www.nvidia.co.uk/
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Note: CUDA 4.1 RC is now available to CUDA Registered Developers.

The TCC (Tesla Computer Cluster) driver is a Windows driver for CUDA C/C++ that enables remote desktop, services, and reduces the CUDA kernel launch overhead on Windows. Note that the TCC driver disables graphics on the Tesla products.

The GPU monitoring software for Tesla is available using the nvsmi tool. This tool currently gives the GPU temperature, the fan speed, and also the ECC information. nvsmi will continue to evolve as we add more GPU monitoring features.

NVIDIA works with several cluster management software providers, who already support GPU-based systems:

Bright Computing
ClusterCorp Rocks
Platform Computing

In addition to this, two important features supported in the CUDA drivers are

Exclusive mode: Enables an application to get exclusive access to a GPU
GPU Visible Devices: Enables the cluster management software to manage GPU resources by controlling which GPUs an application can use

NVIDIA GPUDirect™ technology enables faster communication between the GPU and other devices on the PCIe bus by removing unnecessary overhead on the CPU. GPUDirect v1.0 allows 3rd party device drivers (e.g. for InfiniBand adaptors) to communicate directly with the CUDA driver, eliminating the overhead of copying data around on the CPU. GPUDirect v2.0 enables peer-to-peer (P2P) communication between GPUs in the same system, avoiding additional CPU overhead.


GPUDirect v1.0 Fast Communication with InfiniBand

GPUDirect v2.0 Peer-to-Peer Communication

GPUDirect v2.0 Peer-to-Peer Communication