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  • NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine

    NVIDIA’s programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders, and 3D textures. The nfiniteFX engine gives developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects, in order to create true-to-life characters and environments.

  • Shadow Buffers

    Part of the nfiniteFX II and nfiniteFX Engines, shadow buffers enable self-shadowing for characters and objects, and soften the edges of shadows for realistic effects, adding depth to scenes and highlighting spatial relationships between objects.

GeForce3: Technical Briefs


With the introduction of GeForce3, NVIDIA unveils a number of new innovations in graphics technology. Get an in-depth look at these new features in the following technical briefs.

 Technical Brief: Lightspeed Memory Architecture

 Technical Brief: High-Resolution Antialiasing through Multisampling

 Technical Brief: Microsoft DirectX 8: Raising the Ante for Realism in Graphics

 Technical Brief: NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine: Programmable Pixel Shaders

 Technical Brief: NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine: Programmable Vertex Shaders

 Technical Brief: Shadow Buffers Technology

 Technical Brief: NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine: 3D Textures