GeForce2 Pro: Games


Game developers are taking advantage of GeForce2 technology. Take a look at how the following games utilize second generation transform & lighting engine to create stunning scenes and characters.


Games: Black & White
In Black and White, players exercise their magical powers for good or evil purposes on innocent villagers. This strategy game uses Lionhead's revolutionary new engine that is fully optimized for the GeForce2 GPU.


Games: Evolva
Evolva sees the player having to fight against an alien parasite that has infected a planet. This parasite has an army of guardians to protect it and they will have to be stopped if the player is to be able to ultimately stop the parasite itself.


Games: Citizen Kubuto: Giants
Eat, burn, drown, kidnap, and generally bury your victims as one of three characters: the Meccaryns from space, the mysterious Sea Reapers, and even the Giant!


Games: Isle of Morg
sle of Morg is a technology demo that integrates the features found in GeForce2 GTS with typical gameplay mechanics such as physics and collision detection.


Games: Madden 2000
Madden NFLâ„¢ 2000 delivers an in-depth NFL football experience with all-new mo-cap hits and user-controlled moves including breakable wrap tackles, gang tackling, diving catches and new TD celebrations.


Games: Messiah
Messiah takes full advantage of the second generation transform and lighting engines in GeForce2 GTS, allowing the scalable architecture to display upwards of 50,000 polygons per frame!

Games: Sacrifice
In this fantasy/action strategy game, the player is a great wizard beholden to a god, who embarks on a quest to defeat the four other gods and their wizard-minions.