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  • NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine

    NVIDIA’s programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders, and 3D textures. The nfiniteFX engine gives developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects, in order to create true-to-life characters and environments.

  • Shadow Buffers

    Part of the nfiniteFX II and nfiniteFX Engines, shadow buffers enable self-shadowing for characters and objects, and soften the edges of shadows for realistic effects, adding depth to scenes and highlighting spatial relationships between objects.

GeForce3: Testimonials


"The GeForce3 demonstrates NVIDIA's leadership in the computer graphics industry. Combined with their tools and software development kit, NVIDIA enables EA to continue to set the standard for stunning graphics in games."
Don Mattrick, President, Electronic Arts, Worldwide Studios

"The short answer is that the GeForce3 is fantastic," said John Carmack at id Software, Inc. I haven't had such an impression of raising the performance bar since the Voodoo 2 came out, and there are a ton of new features for programmers to play with. Graphics programmers should run out and get one at the earliest possible time."
John Carmack, Co-founder, Owner and Lead Programmer, id Software

“The NVIDIA GeForce3 provides an excellent, high-performance video option for AMD’s processor customers. AMD has worked closely with NVIDIA to optimize the GeForce3 GPU drivers on the AMD Athlon processor platform to assure users will benefit from both performance and stability under extreme gaming and multimedia conditions. We feel that NVIDIA’s use of DDR memory in the GeForce3 perfectly compliments the AMD Athlon processor’s 266MHz front-side bus and DDR memory speeds.”
Ned Finkle, Director of the Infrastructure Enablement Group, AMD

“Intel's Pentium 4 processor with its new Intel NetBurst micro-architecture has been designed to accelerate operations on media and graphics rich content. We are pleased to have worked closely with NVIDIA so the GeForce3 can best take advantage of these capabilities. Together, the GeForce3 and the Pentium 4 processor significantly advance the visual realism now possible on the IA platform.”
David Fair, Visualization Technologies Initiative Manager, Intel

"The GeForce3 Pixel and Vertex Shaders allow us to create characters and environments that rival those previously reserved for the big screen and multi-million dollar Hollywood production budgets. With this product, NVIDIA has further established its leadership position in graphics technology."
Gabe Newell, Managing Director, Valve, L.L.C.

"The real exciting progress now is happening on the graphics front, where NVIDIA has taken over as the lean, mean, hungry advocate of rapid process—if you look at the amount of evangelization they're doing, and the breadth of white papers and sample code on their web site, NVIDIA 2001 is like Intel 1995. Our character animation is now 3x faster and more fluid thanks to Vertex Shaders. Our lighting is now more realistic thanks to Vertex Shaders—we are now completely free to experiment with new lighting formulas; we're no longer stuck with one preset choice. Surfaces can now look bumpy, wet, rich, and organic thanks to Pixel Shaders."
Tim Sweeney, Founder, Epic Games

"The GeForce3 and the NVIDIA nfiniteFX engine are exemplary of the technology that will be driving the realism of games to new heights. By combining the programmable Pixel and Vertex Shaders, with the enhanced hardware transform and lighting capabilities we are able to accurately render and display 200,000+ onscreen polygons at once. Thus creating realistic cityscapes, fully populated by PC and NPC characters."
John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment

"Massive Development have designed AquaNox to have great game play and be graphically superior from the beginning. By adding programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders to our LOD terrain and battle subs, Massive & NVIDIA are creating an exciting new generation of gaming. When we ran AquaNox on GeForce3 we were blown away by the stunning realism that we witnessed. We saw the birth of the first game ever that delivers photorealism at 60 fps."
Alexander Jorias, Managing Director, Massive Entertainment

"Throughout our development efforts with the GeForce3, we were consistently amazed at the speed and power of the card. At one point, we even thought our frame rate counter was broken—there was no way full-screen antialiasing should be that fast. We were wrong—it is. Additionally, the power and flexibility of the new nfiniteFX engine allows our team to produce their own custom effects within the graphics processor. It's almost like shipping a custom-designed graphics card with our game."
Trent Oster, BioWare Corp., Producer, Neverwinter Nights

“The ability for a role playing game to draw in the player—to make the world believable—is critical to its success. Using the GeForce3 and its nfiniteFX engine, BioWare has been able to intensify the ambiance of the BioWare Aurora Engine in Neverwinter Nights. The custom effects we achieve in NWN using the nfiniteFX engine really help to enhance the immersiveness of our storyline and the overall gaming experience we are able to offer players.”
Dr. Ray Muzyka, BioWare Corp., Joint CEO, Neverwinter Nights

"The programmable NVIDIA nfiniteFX engine allowed our designers to give Giants a very unique look and personality. The fact that the GeForce3 GPU mirrors the specifications for Microsoft’s DirectX API made it the obvious development platform for our programmers."
Scott Guest, Planet Moon Studios, Lead Programmer, Giants: Citizen Kabuto

"Rage Software has been working closely with NVIDIA to implement the latest DirectX features in all of our forthcoming titles. This will give our users a new experience in gaming. The first time we ran Incoming Forces on GeForce3 we were amazed at the performance the programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders. NVIDIA have done it again; DirectX 8 in hardware."
John Heap, Technical Director, Rage Entertainment Ltd.

"The nfiniteFX engine and its Vertex Shaders are the key to the GeForce3’s speed and differentiating visual impact. For the first time, custom lighting equations can be offloaded to the GPU for maximum game performance. This chip delivers all it says it can—and more!"
Mark Randel, President, Terminal Reality, Inc.

“The programmability of the GeForce3 means that for the first time, our artists are not forced to design around the restraints that are placed on them by hardware manufacturers. The nfiniteFX engine does more than just add textures and lighting to objects, it gives artists the control they need to give the soccer players completely accurate physical appearance as well as human expressions and emotions.”
Gavin Cheshire, Managing Director, Silicon Dreams Studio Ltd.

"We are very excited to be working closely with NVIDIA to exploit the new generation of hardware. With graphics fuelled by GeForce3, Dinosaur Island showcases the CryENGINE technology. We are now able to feature very detailed vast landscapes and even more detailed dinosaurs and have both realistically interacting together; graphics like these are only possible with the new cutting-edge features from the GeForce3 chip. Our progressive mesh technology enables us to have massive scenes with 50+ skeletal animated dinosaurs walking through at once."
Cevat Yerli, CEO, Crytek Studios

"GeForce 3 RuleZ bigtime! It makes our N-Genius II engine vision a reality. Our models already supported multi-matrix smooth skinning, and now they are in hardware for the first time, Fantastic! With the GeForce3 we have finally moved our special custom lighting system in hardware, with the addition of an incredibly precise, realistic bump effect. With the added feature set that Vertex and Pixel Shaders add, we're really excited that we will be able create something the likes of which have never been seen before."
Giovanni Caturano, Development Leader, Zetha GameZ

"What a performer! Our artists kept upping the polygon count when we got our GeForce3, and it just kept taking it in its stride. NVIDIA have really pulled out all the stops this time. With support for the full range of material and environmental effects that DirectX 8 supports, I believe we have seen the future."
Bo Andersson, CEO, GRIN

"Using the rich feature set including programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders that NVIDIA's GeForce3 super accelerates in hardware, Particle Systems are now able to give realistic material characteristics to the outer hulls of all the craft on Independence War 2. We can represent the distinctive characteristics of materials such as new polished metal, old corroded metal, painted and scratched surfaces, and countless other combinations. For the first time these techniques are possible in real time, allowing us to give unparalleled realism to each craft in the game."
Michael Powell, Managing Director, Particle Systems

"The GeForce3 is the next step in computer graphics. For the first time since the introduction of the 3D card, developers now have full control on how their game is displayed on the monitor—down to the actual calls the silicon makes."
Nathan d’Obrenan, Lead Programmer, Firetoad Software Inc.

“To come directly to the point GeForce3 is outstanding. Our Cipher engine middleware has found the perfect partner to leverage its extensive feature set in hardware. We can now generate ultra realistic and highly detailed environments in real time utilizing programmable Vertex Shaders. Aggressive quad texturing gives a chance to communicate our vision in unparalleled quality. Crazy Car Championship and other Cipher products will now look even better.”
Rik Heywood, Technical Director, Synaptic Soup

"The phenomenal power and programmability of GeForce3 allows us to add new visual features and special effects while maintaining truly extraordinary performance. In combination with the flexibility and speed of our Vision 3D engine, this provides the perfect hardware platform for unique and highly realistic virtual scenarios. Besides, the GeForce3 makes it possible for us to implement our higher order surface techniques in hardware in the near future. Thanks to our relationship with NVIDIA and their great developer relations program we are able to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our customers enabling all of their future games to be taken to the next level."
Dag Frommhold, Managing Director Research, VULPINE