Quadro2 Pro


NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)
Brings natural material properties (smoke, clouds, water, cloth, plastic, etc) to life via advanced per-pixel shading capabilities in a single pass.

Second Generation Transform and Lighting (T&L)
Two separate engines on the GPU that provide for a powerful, balanced PC platform and enable extremely high polygon count scenes. Transform performance determines how complex objects can be and how many can appear in a scene without sacrificing frame rate. Lighting techniques add to a scene's realism by changing the appearance of objects based on light sources.

 32-bit Color
Satisfies professional users' demands for color precision and high quality, vibrant display output.

 6.4GB/sec bandwidth
Enables the user to work in fully textured mode and achieve real-time frame rates.

 AGP 4X with Fast Writes
Enables the CPU to send data directly to the GPU to maximize overall system performance. Avoids a costly data copy to and from valuable main memory bandwidth that graphics processors without Fast Writes must incur.

 Microsoft® DirectX® and OpenGL® Performance Optimizations and Support
Assures the best performance and guarantees compatibility with the broadest possible range of applications from high-end professional applications to consumer applications and games. A key element of the Develop and Deploy advantage offered by NVIDIA Quadro DCC and Quadro2 products.

 32-bit Z/Stencil Buffer
Delivers the high precision demanded by professional users for rendering complex objects and highly detailed 3D environments without Z-precision artifacts.