Next Generation Tegra


The Next Generation NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile web processor was designed to power new generation of tablets, slates, netbooks, e-readers, automotive safety and entertainment solutions, and Internet TV boxes. NVIDIA Tegra delivers an uncompromised Web experience, including ultra low power Flash 10.1 acceleration, unmatched multimedia, and extended battery life to a variety of devices.

Key Features
Tegra 250 Mobile Web Processor
  • Dual-core ARM® Cortex -A9 MPCore™ Processor
    • Symmetric Multi-Processing support for blazing fast web browsing performance, improving load times and rendering of complex pages
    • Processing efficiency of Cortex-A9 provides industry leading performance in lowest power envelope
  • Ultra Low Power NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
    • Enhanced NVIDIA graphics technology, enabling full Flash acceleration for an uncompromised HD web browsing experience
    • Next generation 3D rendering performance for the most compelling user interfaces and advanced mobile games
  • Full High Definition Multimedia
    • Up to 1080p video encode/decode and support for HD Web streaming formats, such as YouTube HD
    • Complete HW accelerated HD multimedia engine for visually stunning movie playback at lowest possible power
  • NVIDIA Low Power Management Architecture
    • Effective power management techniques, such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, for ultra-efficient power consumption across all use cases
    • Low-power design delivers over 140 hours audio and over 16 hours of HD video playback
  • Processor and Memory Subsystem
    • Dual-core ARM® Cortex-A9 MPCore™ processor, up to 1.0 GHz
    • 32-bit LP-DDR2, DDR2
  • Ultra Low Power NVIDIA Graphics
    • OpenGL ES 2.0
    • Programmable pixel shader
    • Programmable vertex and lighting
    • 2x 3D graphics performance of previous generation Tegra
  • Full High Definition Multimedia
    • 1080p H.264/VC-1/MPEG-4 Video Decode
    • 1080p H.264 Video Encode
    • Supports multi-standard audio formats, including AAC, AMR, WMA, and MP3
    • Upgraded JPEG encode and decode acceleration
  • Integrated Image Signal Processing
    • Up to 12 megapixel camera sensor support
    • Advanced imaging features (AWB, AF, AE, etc.)
  • Display Subsystem
    • True dual-display support
    • Maximum display resolutions supported:
      • 1080p (1920x1080) HDMI 1.3
      • WSXGA+ (1680x1050) LCD
      • UXGA (1600x1200) CRT
      • NTSC/PAL TV output