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Tegra 4i & the Phoenix Reference design: How Nvidia is reinventing itself

"Based on those specs alone, it would be safe to say that Phoenix would be significantly more powerful than the current mainstream champion, the Google Nexus 4."

— ITProPortal, 19/02/2013


Nvidia's Tegra 4i uncovered: it's Tegra 4 for the masses

"Aimed at the mainstream smartphone market, Nvidia believes the new chip will fill a gap in the company's offering. While Tegra 4's staple is higher end Android tablets, Tegra 4i (codenamed Grey, after Marvel's Jean Grey) is a processor very much designed for phones. That's because it's at the lower end, performance-wise – and so cheaper - yet is still designed to support 1080p Full HD and 4G LTE capable handsets; a specially optimised version of the Nvidia i500 LTE modem is included in the design."

— Techradar, 19/02/2013

The Sunday Times

Grabbing a Slice of the Apple Pie

"the device feels exceptionally fast to use. This is down to its Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor, which has been designed specifically for tablets"

— The Sunday Times, 14/10/2012


HTC One X review

"The One X is one of the first phones to employ a NVIDIA Tegra quadcore processor, and it is BRISK. Video playback is stutter-free, games are quick and glitchless. The touchscreen's responses are Teflon-smooth and immediate. In every department, the phone's speed knocks you out."

— T3, 26/06/2012


What Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone

"Thanks to its 1.5GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, backed up by 1GB of RAM, the One X smashes through demanding processes with efficiency and aplomb. The only lag you'll notice is from your eye balls trying to keep pace with the action on screen. It really is that fast. This is a monster of a phone that can quite rightly take a seat in the upper echelons of the smartphone hierarchy. In fact, we'd go so far as to suggest that the category has a new leader."

— techradar, 15/05/2012

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