Games: Sacrifice


Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay
ESRB: Mature
Street Price: $44.99
Genre: Strategy

In this fantasy/action strategy game, the player is a great wizard beholden to a god, who embarks on a quest to defeat the four other gods and their wizard-minions. Instead of weapons, the wizard uses spells to defeat his enemies. He grows his army of creatures by engaging in battles -- for every enemy defeated, the wizard increases his army.

Sacrifice takes a fresh approach to the way that combat games are created. Sacrifice is Shiny Entertainment's epic multiplayer, no-holds-barred real-time 3D Real Time Strategy game with strong RPG elements.

One to Four players will be able to control powerful wizards, armies of creatures, and utilize a myriad of spells and incantations to wreak havoc across a revolutionary 3D landscape. With vast worlds of clearly viewed terrain, multiple landscape designs, unlimited camera angles, and over 50 different kinds of fantastic creatures at your command, Sacrifice will be the new benchmark against which all other RTS games are measured.

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