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GeForce GTX 590

Asus Mars II Graphics card - GeForce GTX 590 in 9th Gear

What do you guys think, a best hardware award? Yeah of course, it just won't get any better then this until the gext-gen GPUs will arrive.

Onderscheiding: Best Hardware

— Guru3D, 23.09.2011

GeForce GTX 590 Quad SLI - Doin'it ninja style with no less than four GPUs

Performance wise you will receive a product that oozes and chunks out ridiculous numbers in terms of frame rate. I mean we test at 4xAA / 8xAA and honestly, this card just does not care what you throw at it, it'll eat it alive with feathers and all, then it will spit out the bones and ask for more.

Onderscheiding: Top Pick

— Guru3D, 24.03.2011

The Mighty GeForce GTX 590

Regardless of pricing, NVIDIA has a very potent graphics card with the GTX 590. It remains very inaudible, temps and power consumption are under control, you get uncompromised image quality and a bucket load of performance. The X-factor is there and the performance is phenomenal.

Onderscheiding: Top Pick

— Guru3D, 24.03.2011

Mag nVidia's nieuwe dual-GPU kaart zich de snelste ter wereld noemen?

Het is al een technisch hoogstandje dat nVidia deze kaart werkend heeft gekregen. Dat de kaart ook nog eens erg stil is, is helemaal bijzonder. Is de GeForce GTX 590 de snelste videokaart ter wereld? Ja, als we al onze benchmarks kaart in ieder geval een technisch hoogstandje met prestaties waar je je vingers bij aflikt.

—, 24.03.2011

Super snel systeem met GeForce GTX 590

Een uitstekend en lekker snel systeem ...kan zich de trotse eigenaar noemen van één van de snelst denkbare PC's.

—, 24.03.2011

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GeForce GTX 580

ASUS Mars II Review: twee GTX580's in een!

De ASUS Mars II is simpelweg de snelste en meest exclusieve videokaart van dit moment. Door de geringe oplage is het een van de weinige videokaarten, die misschien ook over een paar jaar nog wat zou kunnen opbrengen - maar daar gaat het niet om bij een kaart als deze: voor wie het zich kan veroorloven, is het gewoon leuk.

—, 17.10.2011

EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified

"this is a grand product to own and I honestly hope you realize how much effort EVGA put in this product. ... it is a terrific looking and performing product and a great build all by itself"

— Guru3D, 05.10.2011

GeForce GTX 580 - The GeForce GTX480 redone, revamped and beefed up

The end result it a product that at is, give or take, 20% faster than the GTX 480, which is a product that already was blazingly fast of course.
Definitely a card I wouldn't mind having in my PC, now then .. Call of Duty Black Ops bring it on!

— Guru3D, 09.11.2010

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Review

Wie kiest voor nVidia heeft natuurlijk het voordeel van het inmiddels flink geëvolueerde 3D Vision ecosysteem, de compatibiliteit met Cuda-applicaties en de geschiktheid voor PhysX-games.

—, 09.11.2010

GeForce GTX 580 SLI - One is already fast but two is nearly sick

We have not seen any driver issues, we did not run into any weird stuff and neither did we had to configure anything. Everything worked straight out of the box with near perfect scaling. As such if you are interested in marvelous game performance and are gaming with an unlimited budget, then this might be your route to follow. ...Yeah, it puts the full G in GeForce alright :)

— Guru3D, 09.11.2010

GeForce GTX 580

Nvidia heeft daarmee zowat alle kritiek op de GTX 480 aangepakt. ...Dat is nog altijd stevig aan de prijs, maar in vergelijking met de iets duurdere HD 5970 lijkt de prijs alleszins redelijk.

—, 09.11.2010

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GeForce GTX 570

GeForce GTX 570 - High End Performance at a More Friendly Price?

The GeForce GTX 570 is just a lovely graphics card to play any game to date on. You flick on high image quality settings and can play brilliantly at say 1920x1200 with everything cranked open image quality wise. From that perspective the GTX 570 certainly has a lot to offer. It's definitely a card I 'd like to have in my PC and at 349 EUR comes very much recommended. If you can find one, do not hesitate, we can recommend the card very much.

Onderscheiding: Guru3D Recommended

— Guru3D, 07.12.2010

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GeForce GTX 560 Ti

MSI GeForce GTX560ti 448 Power OC

MSI has done a terrific job with this card, it is very quiet, runs very cool temperatures and offers you a lot for the money as they throw in that TwinFrozr III cooler, which works out really nicely.

— Guru3D, 29.11.2011

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Core review

Gigabyte did a nice job with this card, it is very silent, runs at very cool temperatures and offers you a lot for the money as they throw in that WindForce 3 cooler, which works out really nicely. As a result of that cooling you will get the card to 800 MHz easily without voltage tweaking, and that my friends means value.

— Guru3D, 29.11.2011

EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti 2WIN

The reality for the GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win remains that its amongst the fastest graphics cards currently available. Your fillrate will drip of your screen with drooling framerates versus excellent output image quality. The choice in-between two GTX 560 Ti cards or one GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win will be a difficult one. We say, go with you gut feeling as either way you are fine. The GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win is all about innovation, it's a very wicked card that we can certainly recommend.

— Guru3D, 7.11.2011

GeForce GTX560 Ti Twin Light Turbo LE Review

Overall you'll notice that the GTX 560 Ti series still really offers a lot. Performance wise you can't complain really; all modern DX11 and lower games will play absolutely fine up-to 1600x1200, and that's with decent image quality settings enabled at say 4xAA and 16xAF + very high in-game quality settings.

— Guru3D, 24.10.2011

Chasing lower-segment higher range performance

We can recommend the GeForce GTX 560 Ti series very much, and when you purchase an OC model or decide to overclock yourself, you'll bring it close to GTX 570 performance. It's not a bad time to upgrade your graphics solution at all, no Sir.

— Guru3D, 25.01.2011

Performance in Twofold measure

In all our test we had no driver issues whatsoever. All games worked straight out of the box and all games show good performance scaling.

— Guru3D, 25.01.2011

Gigabyte GTX 560 TiSOC review

The GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC is a beautiful thing really. It is a nice to look at graphics card, it remains to be very silent, it's pre- (factory ) overclocked for you real high and that falls within warranty and next to that, it chunks out serious performance.

— Guru3D, 25.01.2011

GF114 is NVIDIA's new chip to take on the AMD Radeon HD 6870 and 6950 1GB

...ook enthousiast over de GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Het is NVIDIA opnieuw gelukt om heel wat betere prestaties uit een bestaand chipontwerp te persen.

—, 25.01.2011

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GeForce GTX 560

ECS GeForce GTX 560

when you focus at performance versus money, yeah sure then the ECS GTX560 will be a nice alternative with excellent tweaking possibilities.

Onderscheiding: Recommended

— Guru3D, 17.05.2011

GeForce GTX 560 SLI tested

we doubt you'll regret the choice you will make as this certainly has been a satisfying experience from A to Z. SLI with the GeForce GTX 560?, sure definitely recommended.

Onderscheiding: Recommended

— Guru3D, 17.05.2011

The GTX 560 without the TI is a competitor to the Radeon HD6870

ASUS zet met de ENGTX560 DirectCU II Top een prima kaart neer: de koeling prima en de kaart is lekker stil. Voor wie een GeForce GTX 560 wil aanschaffen is de kaart zeker een aanrader.

—, 17.05.2011

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GeForce GTX 480

KFA2 GeForce GTX480 Anarchy Review

You have to admit that NVIDIA's GTX 400 product lines do scale wonderful when overclocked. Any game to date will play fine in the highest resolutions with at least 4x Antialising enabled and the very best image quality settings. So performance is just not an issue.

— Guru3D, 24.09.2010

Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 Review at Guru 3D

The fact remains, you are certainly looking at the fastest GPUs on the block. Additional benefits when purchasing an NVIDIA card is of course PhysX which definitely is gaining more ground since the last year. It's a nice feature to have, sure... CUDA, we haven't talked about it much just yet. But obviously the GF100 GPUs are fully CUDA ready, in fact the architecture was designed with CUDA in mind. On the compute side of things we know one thing for sure, the GF100 should be impressive.

— Guru3D, 21.05.2010

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GeForce GTX 470


Product: GeForce GTX 470

Gigabyte balanced and fine tuned this product to acceptable heat levels hovering at roughly 80 degrees C under full stress, yet managed to create a near inaudible noise level, and that's just what the doctor ordered! ...this card is very much recommended.

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GeForce GTX 460

POV GeForce GTX 460 768MB TGT Ultra Charged review

The TGT Ultra Charged edition from Point of View, you do gain a lot of extra performance, but you will pay top dollar for it. Other than that, don't hesitate to purchase it, it's a grand little card. Though not 100% certain currently some SKUs out there seem to come with a free game (coupon) as well, you'll receive 3 years warranty on the TGT cards. That should sweeten the deal a little.Great stuff, a top pick.

— Guru3D, 23.08.2010

NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 graphics card in SLI

Twee GTX 460's in sli blijken erg snel te zijn - zo snel zelfs, dat een GTX 480 met grote regelmaat billenkoek krijgt.
Het energieverbruik bleef relatief gezien binnen de perken, evenals de geluidsproductie, mits de juiste kaarten aangeschaft worden.

—, 11.08.2010

Axle GeForce GTX460 768MB review

At this point in time we have tested over twelve GTX 460 class graphics cards, and this card once overclocked is as good as any card we tested. A graphics card like this allows you to play any game to date with high image quality settings up-to 1600x1200 and in most scenarios 1920x1200 as well. If you can pick up the Axle GeForce GTX 460 768MB at 200 USD, don't hesitate as it is just really good value -- and once overclocked you'll get that really big smile on your face.

— Guru3D, 06.08.2010

Inno3D GeForce GTX460 OC Review

We see very nice performance across the board and it's nearly scary to see how close this card is to a reference clocked GeForce GTX 470 performance wise. At this point we have tested no less than twelve GTX 460 class cards, and this card takes the 3rd place in overall performance ranking. A card like this allows you to play any game to date with high image quality settings up-to 1600x1200 and in most scenarios 1920x1200 as well. At this price level, that is just really good overall value.

— Guru3D, 02.08.2010

Four NVIDIA GTX460 graphics cards on test

Voor degenen die een DirectX 11-kaart willen kopen zonder direct de hoofdprijs te hoeven betalen, is de GTX 460 dan ook een prima videokaart. De videokaart levert uitstekende prestaties, die soms in de buurt komen van de duurdere HD 5850.

—, 23.07.2010

MSI GeForce GTX460 Cyclone 1GB review

For the money you need to put down you can expect to get what you pay for, a superb mid-range product that will play your games up-to 1600x1200, and in most cases 1920x1200 quite well. What keeps surprising us is the tremendous overclocking potential, pretty much any and every card we tested to date has shown a lot of reserve and room for overclocking, and they scale really well while doing so. Any card, even the cheapest you can find, can be pushed to 800 MHz on the core.

— Guru3D, 21.07.2010 TV - GeForce GTX460

nVidia introduceerde eerder deze week de GeForce GTX 460, een nieuwe midrange chip die het moet opnemen tegen ATI's populaire Radeon HD 5830. Wij voelden de eerste GeForce GTX 460 kaarten uitgebreid aan de tand.

—, 16.07.2010

GeForce GTX 460 SLI review

All we can say is that we enjoyed testing these two cards in SLI. We have not seen any driver issues, no weird stuff and neither did we had to configure anything. Everything worked straight out of the box with near perfect scaling. As such if you are interested in admirable SLI scaling performance and are gaming with a limited budget, then look no further.

— Guru3D, 13.07.2010

NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 review

Bottom line: we feel that the GTX 460 series is a very viable DX11 class product with no real negatives. If you want serious bang for buck the we say pick up a 768MB model, then clock it to 800 MHz after which you suddenly arrive in the R5850 performance level area.

— Guru3D, 12.07.2010

GeForce GTX460 Review (roundup)

We took this card to well over 900 MHz on the core. And that's instant extra performance, up-to 20~30% extra. Thanks to that voltage tweak this card achieved the highest overclock today. Quite amazing for a product with a reference clock of 675 MHz.

— Guru3D, 12.07.2010

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GeForce GTS 450

GeForce GTS450 SLI Review

Hey, it's all about your bucks and personal preference, all we can say is that we enjoyed testing these two cards in SLI. We have not seen any driver issues, no weird stuff and neither did we had to configure anything to get multi-GPU support going. Everything worked straight out of the box with near perfect scaling.

— Guru3D, 14.09.2010

NVIDIA GeForce GTS450 Review

na de grote verrassing die de GTX 460 was, had nVidia de lat voor zichzelf weer erg hoog gelegd. De GTS 450 is een prima kaart...

—, 13.09.2010

GeForce GTS450 Review Round-up

Game performance wise up-to a monitor resolution of 1600x1200 we see good things, you'll have great image quality options and decent framerates.

— Guru3D, 13.09.2010

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GeForce GT 430

GeForce GT430 Review

The reality is also that it isn't all about gaming, we think the GT 430 is an excellent multi-media graphics adapter for a work PC where you need some content accelerated, but most of all we think the GT 430 is a great Digital Media and Home Theater PC card. The latest video processor embedded into the GPU allows for Full HD (1080P) content decoding and acceleration. Next to that you'll have 96 shader processors at your disposal, and with software like Media Player Classic Home Cinema edition (download here) you can utilize the shaders to manage some complex image sharpening or whatever feature your performance level can handle. And that really helps out. GeForce GT 430 also supports 3D output to any compatible large screen television through HDMI 1.4 at bit rates up to 65Mbps. GeForce GT 430 supports high definition 24-bit multi-channel audio up to 192 KHz, and lossless DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio bitstreaming, nice features for a product in this price range, sure.

Other than that, the card doesn't consume heaps of power and is very silent.

— Guru3D, 11.10.2010

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GeForce GTX 295

Guru 3D

I have to admit, the GeForce GTX 295 took me by surprise... I really seem to like it. The performance is astounding, the price is reasonable and any other variable I mentioned in this review is just looking good. If you decide to place 499 smackaroonies on the table for this card... dude, nobody will hold a grudge against you, in fact everybody will be nodding wisely at you. You'd be making a very valid choice.

— Guru3D, 08.01.2009

GeForce GTX 295 Quad SLI gaming test

NVIDIA's cards work instantly with Quad SLI, there was no need to alter profiles. Props to NVIDIA for that as that really was an impressive experience for what is a very complex set of hardware.
GeForce GTX 295 Quad SLI - for bragging rights, the X-factor, unadulterated fun is what this was all about. And yours truly definitely liked it.

— Guru3D, 08.01.2009

ASUS GeForce GTX 295 review (ENGTX295)

Alright, well it's no secret. I like the GeForce GTX 295 for sure. It's delivering top notch performance at a fair price.

Much like any other GeForce GTX 295 out there, we can recommend the ASUS GeForce GTX 295 (ENGTX295) very much. It's a grand product at an acceptable price.

— Guru3D, 04.02.2009

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GeForce GTX 285

GTX 285

U leest het goed: er is geen game die deze kaart niet kan draaien op hoge resoluties.

- Ontzettend snel
- Relatief energiezuinig
- Stil

- Het blijft een forse investering

De nieuwe kaart van nVidia presteert in één woord werelds. En deze Point of View GTX 285 EXO levert nog ietsje meer voor slechts 10 euro extra. Waar wij echter nog veel meer van onder de indruk zijn, is het gedrukte energieverbruik.

Onderscheiding: 5 Star

— Guru3D, 15.01.2009

GTX 285 Review - POV

...deze nieuwe kaart is eigenlijk wat de GTX 280 had moeten zijn. De oorspronkelijke versie was te groot, te complex, te duur en bovenal te energieverslindend. De nieuwe 55 nm versie verbruikt zo'n 25%, minder is zo'n 10% sneller en kost een stuk minder dan de GTX 280 bij introductie. De GeForce GTX 285 is zodoende een veel betere keuze dat de GTX 280 en met de overstap is nVidia ook ineens een stuk competatiever ten opzichte van ATI

—, 15.01.2009

GeForce GTX 285 review

...the GeForce GTX 285 is now the fastest single GPU on the globe.

eVGA - Of course eVGA does what it does best, delivering a very fast clocked product with the SSC model. In fact, it was the fastest GTX 285 product we tested. A very nice product for sure, and if you care to spend the extra dough for an SSC edition, it should be on top of your list. As such we give it out "Top Pick" award.

Point of View - The green Dutch team delivered an excellent product with their GeForce GTX 285 EXO edition. this is one the the most competitive cards released today as value for money wise it just brings a lot to the table. Well done Point of View, and as such the GeForce GTX 285 EXO edition comes very much recommended.

Onderscheiding: Guru 3D Gaming Essential
Onderscheiding: Guru 3D Top Pick

— Guru3D, 15.01.2009

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GeForce GTX 280

Far Cry 2 PC VGA Graphics performance review

We feel that Far Cry 2 is a pretty kickass game. Though we haven't had the time to play it to its full extent, we loved the graphics and gameplay itself. Pretty much any 'somewhat' modern PC will allow you to play the game, even with high image quality settings enabled. Though both ATI's hotfix drivers and NVIDIA's Beta driver are early drivers to test the game with, we just have to say .. on the GeForce cards (except GX2) everything ran butter-smooth. With the ATI hotfix drivers we noticed some lag here and there. Once that issue has been fixed we wouldn't be surprized to see the ATI scores rise a little bit. But NVIDIA definitely has a better driver at this will add this title in its software suite for future graphics card reviews. Thanks to Ubisoft for shipping out the game to us. We'll be working more closely together with them in the future to bring you more little articles like shown today. In conclusion, Far Cry 2 runs really well on any modern graphics card for sure.

— Guru3D, 22.10.2008

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GeForce GTX 275

GeForce GTX275 Shootout - BFG/Inno3D/Palit/Sparkle

In general, there's very little negative about the GeForce GTX 275 really, you get the best from both worlds.You will have full support for PhysX and other 3rd party software. Right now there's a handful of applications out there that will utilize the GPU to help out with other functions. Acceleration, enhancing or en/transcoding of video files is probably the more popular functionality, but also Photoshop CS4 recently got CUDA accelerated and helps out in some parts where the CPU struggled. It's a nice development.

— Guru3D, 17.04.2009

GeForce GTX 275 Review

The GeForce GTX 275 was launched with one sole reason only, to battle off the Radeon HD 4890. It's the cat and mouse game that ATI and NVIDIA have to play against each other. Competition is what makes this technology evolve and affordable, don't you ever forget that. By doing so NVIDIA accomplished it's mission absolutely.

— Guru3D, 22.04.2009

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GeForce GTS 250

ECS GeForce GTX250 1024MB review

...the price is the real reason that I like the GeForce GTS 250 as I believe that 139 USD is just a very fair deal. Should you go for 1024MB of memory? Well, I tend to say yes. The price is only ~25 USD higher and especially with modern DX10 titles we start to see the benefit of more than 512MB memory.

— Guru3D, 21.04.2009

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