NVIDIA PureVideo Technology: For the Ultimate HD Experience
Whether you want to buy a media center PC for your living room, get a notebook to watch movies on the road, or build your own system from components, there is an NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD system that can give you the ultimate HD experience. Browse through available systems or components to build your own, and get ready to give your eyes a first-class ticket to totally immersive HD.
Buy Desktops
Buy Desktops:
Watch ultra-smooth vivid HD movies on a PC. The following systems are powered by state-of the art NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs with PureVideo® HD technology.

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Buy Notebooks
Buy Notebooks:
On-the-go, but still need or want access to HD playback? Then buy your very own notebook with PureVideo® HD technology. The systems listed below deliver an extraordinary viewing experience.

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