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  • Optimus Whitepaper

    A technical description of Optimus Technology and how it works.
    (1.63MB PDF)

  • Hardware Heaven

    The use of these outputs particularly impressive as combined with the GT 420M they opens up the system for use with 3D displays, including the latest 3D HDTVs.
    The use of NVIDIA Optimus technology also plays it's part in ensuring the XPS 15 performs well, whether it is through improving the battery life by seamlessly switching to the Intel GPU for desktop use or turning on the GT 420M for decent gaming performance Without doubt the best mainstream laptop we have tested to date.

  • Trusted Reviews

    Dell's latest is also surprisingly competent at gaming thanks to its Nvidia GeForce 435M.
    That this multimedia-oriented laptop for under £750 can even play a title so demanding at all is quite impressive, and it certainly makes Dell's new XPS a capable choice for the casual gamer.

  • Hexus

    NVIDIA Optimus technology - which ensures the discrete GPU is enabled seamlessly only when required - certainly makes a lot of sense. The end result is a well-balanced combination of performance and battery life. NVIDIA graphics and excellent battery life combine to make the U35JC worthy of consideration.

NVIDIA Optimus Technology
NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology intelligently optimizes your notebook PC, providing the outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, all the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.
NVIDIA Optimus Technology
Key Benefits:
  • Optimus technology is completely automatic allowing you to experience longer battery life and amazing visuals without having to manually change settings.
  • Behind the scenes and with no interference to what you’re doing, Optimus seamlessly figures out how to best optimize your notebook computing experience.
  • NVIDIA graphics you’ve come to expect, with more than 10x better performance¹ with NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, allowing you to enjoy your applications and games without interruption or worry.

¹ GeForce G210M compared to Intel Integrated GM45
* Optimus requires Windows 7 or later

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How Optimus Technology Works
The best notebook experience  
Learn how it automatically manages battery life and performance to provide you with the best notebook experience - whether you’re watching HD movies, surfing the web, or playing top 3D games.