nView Tutorials



1. nView Setup Wizard

nView Setup Wizard helps end users set up the most commonly used nView features through intuitive menus. Each step of the way, end users are prompted with text, diagrams and pictures to configure nView for their individual needs.
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2. nView Multi-display Modes

nView offers a variety of multi-display modes including Dualview mode, Big desktop - or Span mode, and Clone mode. Without a doubt, nView offers end users the most flexibility for any multi-display configuration.

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3. Using nView Multiple Desktops and the Desktop Explorer

nView supports up to 32 individually-named desktops that are fully customizable to allow end users to change the desktop name, select a custom desktop background, and control application-availability on each desktop. nView Desktop Manager integrates directly into Windows Explorer, which lets users visualize and customize their desktops in a familiar user interface.

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4. nView Application Extensions

In addition to extending application usability through application management, multiple desktops, and transparency effects, nView detects specific applications installed on a system and adds more functionality.

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5. nView Advanced Window Effects

nView also offers advanced window effects, such as transparencies that enable quicker access to hidden windows on cluttered desktops.

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6. Using nView Zoom Features

The advanced zoom capabilities of nView allow users to enlarge portions of the screen quickly and with more flexibility than other multi-display software.

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7. Using nView Hot Keys

nView contains a straightforward configuration utility that lets end users bind every nView action to a keyboard hot key.

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8. nView Internet Explorer Extension

nView enables advanced Web browsing with Internet Explorer. This feature is extremely useful when a search engine is used to look for a particular Web page.

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9. nView Power Point Extension

nView’s PowerPoint extension enables a notebook user to simultaneously view his presentation notes on his notebook display while launching a full screen slide show on a LCD projector.

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