Games: 4x4 Evolution


Developer: Terminal Reality, Inc.
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Street Price: $44.99
Genre: Racing

There is life after asphalt. In this world, there are no street signs, no traffic signals, no dead ends-only you, Mother Nature, and a million other online racers with the undying determination to cross the finish line first. In this world, the unmarked road to victory is paved with harsh environments and ruthless competitors-not tar. In this world, where the road ends, the game begins.

Mark Randel and the team at Terminal Reality, Inc. proudly present 4X4 Evolution, an arcade style, 4x4 simulation game for the PC and Mac. 4x4 Evolution puts virtual drivers behind the wheel of their favorite real world SUV and/or truck. Taking the term "off road" to the extreme, it challenges them to race through a variety of detailed off-road environments. Gamers can drive anywhere within each of the 15 gorgeous vast areas, which replicate zones from painted deserts to treacherous mountaintops to tropical island chains. In addition to contending with the other vehicles, players will be challenged by a variety of variables such as gates, trees, and tractors in junkyards or on-coming traffic in construction zones.

Here are a few reasons why 4X4 drives over the competition:

Insane Graphics
4x4 Evolution's visuals scream with realism. The 70+ licensed vehicles are incredibly detailed and accurate, high polygon models of their real-life counterparts. With LOD level terrain and 15 complex off-road environments, this title drips with details! Textures take on a new feel and the intricacies of massive geometry inject a high level of fidelity into every single truck, shrub, oil derrick, plank of wood, and flying particle of dirt. Real-time shadows reflect the time of day and three different weather conditions. Hardware supported lighting invades every curve and crevice of the vehicle and highlights the polished chrome and fresh showroom paint. The sun dazzles and blinds drivers as it peeks through looming crests. Splats of debris and mud erupt through thick clouds of road dust, and amazing wakes and rooster tails disturb the glassy surface as trucks crash through rivers and streams.

4x4 Evolution supports up to eight players over the Internet or a LAN. Terminal Reality offers a free downloadable track editor that allows PC gamers to create their own tracks. Gamers will be able to easily download and play custom-built online only "Lite" levels, and use the Chat System to converse with other drivers. In "Time Trial" mode, players can download the best lap that another driver has submitted, then race against the image of that person's truck, which shows exactly how that person drove to achieve such a great lap time.

Positional Audio
You can hear your opponent coming up behind you on the right. You clench the steering wheel tighter and hang on to the edge of your seat while straining for a little extra speed. Smirk as the throaty rumble of his engine falls off in the background after you block him out. Duck as helicopters swoop down over your vehicle. Splash into rivers. Hear the mud splattering on the sides of your truck. Your engine roars and echoes, as you race through canyons, over hills and past opponents - sending your adrenaline soaring. The positional audio in 4x4 Evolution intensifies the experience.

From tailgate to brush guard, each 4x4 in the game looks and drives exactly like it does on (and off!) the road. Through the checkpoints, towards the finish line, you choose your own path while negotiating whatever terrain lies between Point A and Point B. For the extreme "off-road" experience, in 4x4 Evolution, it's all about who gets there first!

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