Games: X-Isle: Dinosaur Island


Developer: Crytek Studios
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Street Price: TBA
Genre: First-person Shooter

X-Isle: Dinosaur Island is an educational demo that leverages the technology and art of the upcoming title X-Isle published by Ubisoft. X-Isle: Dinosaur Island educates the player about the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Leveraging the OpenGL-driven CryENGINE and the GeForce3 nfiniteFX engine to create a Jurassic Park-like environment rendered in real-time, X-Isle: Dinosaur Island leverages the power of the GeForce3 to highlight the most advanced 3D, real-time graphics ever seen in educational software.

Dive into the magnificent and colorful world of the age of the dinosaurs in this educational demo, and explore how these prehistoric creatures lived in harmony with their natural flora.

"We are very excited to be working closely with NVIDIA to exploit a new generation of hardware. With graphics fuelled by the GeForce3, Dinosaur Island showcases the OpenGL-based CryENGINE technology. We are now able to feature very detailed vast landscapes and even more detailed dinosaurs and have both realistically interacting together; graphics like these are only possible with the new cutting-edge features from the GeForce3 chip. Our progressive mesh technology enables us to have massive scenes with 50+ skeletal animated dinosaurs walking through at once." says Cevat Yerli—CEO/President of Crytek Studios.

X-Isle: Dinosaur Island and CryENGINE feature state-of-the-art technologies such as Vertex and Pixel Shaders, per-pixel lighting and volumetric shadowing in real-time, bump-mapping, detail-texturing, real-time dynamic reflection and refraction (predator) effects, hardware hierarchical skeletal animations, and many other features.

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