Demos: Zoltar the Magnificent



Benefit from the sage wisdom of "Zoltar the Magnificent," an animated fortune teller. Each press of the "fortune" button will deliver a critical snippet of advice from this master of mystic power. Zoltar takes full advantage of GeForce3's nfiniteFX engine. The programmable vertex shader is used to define the motion of Zoltar's face, which is intricate enough to see wrinkles in the cheeks and forehead. With the help of pixel shaders, Zoltar's face utilizes color maps, specular maps, bump (normal) maps, and a phong-lookup map to create the wrinkles in his skin and beard stubble on his face. A combination of a reflection map with a reflectivity mask work together to get the right twinkle in his eyes.

This WHOPPINGLY HUGE (186MB) demo is now available for download. Before you begin, make sure you have a GeForce3 GPU in order to run it, and the time to wait for it to complete. Enjoy!

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