Demos: Inferno

Shooting stars are under your control in this demonstration of fire and explosion effects. Meteors drop from the sky at the click of a mouse button. Be careful not to get too close to the impact zone, or you'll do more than see the meteor, you'll feel it. Inferno puts the Vertex Shaders of Geforce3's nfiniteFX engine to work. It's used to position the sparks that are created at the meteor's impact. Additionally, the entire ground is modified by Vertex Shaders to the "pressure pulse" effect that radiates from the impact zone.

Inferno also makes good use of Geforce3's texture blending and fill rate performance. The procedurally generated terrain gets its realism from a blend of rocky and muddy textures. Note how the mud flats of the valleys blend seamleesly into the rocky slopes of the knolls. The flame-out after impact uses a heavy overdraw technique, but Geforce3's fill rate is up to the task.

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