Games: Beam Breakers


Developer: Similes Software
Publisher: Fishtank Interactive
Street Price: $39.99
Genre: Racing

2374 A.D.

Neo York, USA

Welcome to the New Big Apple.

The face of the city has changed. Forever.
Buildings that used to dominate the skyline are now dwarfed by colossal structures, which give a new meaning to the word "skyscraper". While the well-to-do hide themselves behind steel and glass in higher and higher levels, hardly anybody ever dares to enter the decaying ground levels at the foot of the gigantic buildings. The labyrinth of corroded pipes, cables and clotheslines dominating the slums is as much a part of Neo York as the imposing colossal statues and the blinding neon billboards.

The horror of rush hour has changed. Forever.
With the arrival of antiGrav technology urban traffic was no longer limited to ground vehicles. By way of a simple yet effective method a force field neutralizes gravity, enabling vehicles of almost any size to float in the air. Now, every day, millions of commuters fly their antiGrav vehicles through the vast chasms that now form the largest city/state on Earth. The heart of the city has a constant beat, pumping a never-ending stream of cars through the SkyWays. Disciplined and patient the cars line up themselves. However, frustrated drivers running amok are much feared and becoming more and more common.

The face of racing has changed. Forever.
Fearless drivers representing rival gangs from different parts of the giant metropolis engage each other in fierce, illegal street races, flying around the rush hour traffic, dodging the police and risking their lives with every move they make. The racers are living on the edge: frequently, their daredevil manoeuvres cause mass collisions, leaving dozens of commuters plummeting into their doom.

Now, a stranger has arrived.
A challenge has been made.

Five gangs.
Five districts.
One goal.
Beam Breakers.

Complete freedom of movement in a futuristic mega-city, teeming with life on free-flying vehicles – as many as 500 of them. Custom physics engine for precise collision detection and response for an unheard number of objects on the screen at one time.

-Up to 200,000 polys in a scene
-Vertex shading
-Fresnel reflections
-Dot3 bump with cubic environment

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