GeForce 7 Awards: September 2005


Personal Computer World
Mesh Matrix Titan FX57 GTX/GeForce 7800GTX
Recommended and Best Buy

"Where it excelled, however, was with its graphics performance. The FX-57 is touted as the world's fastest gaming CPUand Mesh has tried to make the most of its performance pairing it with the world's fastest graphics card - the GeForce 7800GTX"
September 2005


Personal Computer World
Gigabyte NX78X256V-B/GeForce 7800 GTX

"The ultimate graphics card - for the next few months at least"
September 2005


Custom PC
Gigabyte GV-NX78X256V-B GeForce 7800GTX
Premium Grade Approved

"...the new Gigabyte features the new GeForce 7800 GTX GPU clocked at the reference speed of 430MHz, with 256MB of GDDR3 at the NVIDIA- prescribed speed of 600MHz."
September 2005