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NVIDIA Introduces Industry’s First Silent Performance Workstation Graphics Solution


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NVIDIA Introduces Industry’s First Silent Performance Workstation Graphics Solution

New NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 Delivers Unprecedented Price-Performance on Key Industry-Standard Tests

LONDON — MARCH 17th, 2004 — NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today unveiled the newest addition to its NVIDIA Quadro® FX family, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 700. This professional graphics solution delivers unprecedented price-performance to industries that rely on graphics and computationally-intensive computer-aided design, digital content creation and scientific visualisation software applications. Featuring a new silent cooling system, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 outperforms high-end and upper midrange competitive boards on key industry-standard tests including SPECviewperf® 7.1.1 3dsmax-02, ProE-02 and Ugs-03.

“Hardware acceleration for Discreet 3ds max® animation software in the film production pipeline via the programmable NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 is expected to result in a more streamlined workflow and faster visual effects development process,” said Chris Ford, Director of 3D Product Management at Discreet. “A powerful, yet cost-effective solution, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 will allow visual artists to spend time previewing their work interactively, on multiple displays — in multiple resolutions — delivering an extraordinarily high degree of visual fidelity.”

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 features the industry’s only true 128-bit floating-point graphics pipeline for millions of colours in a broad dynamic range, stunning visual quality and the highest degree of accuracy. Industry-leading 12 bits of sub-pixel precision eliminates rasterization anomalies. Full support for OpenGL® 1.5 and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 programmability as well as high level shading languages enables professionals to build sophisticated real-time shaders for simulating a virtually unlimited range of physical characteristics and surface properties.

“The NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 unleashes the power of graphically and computationally demanding professional applications cost-effectively,” said Jeff Brown, general manager of professional graphics at NVIDIA. “The solution makes high-quality graphics, real-time rendering and productivity enhancing capabilities readily available to a broad audience of professional users at a level of performance that keeps pace with tight production schedules.”

NVIDIA offers one of the broadest professional application certification programs in the industry. Like all NVIDIA graphics solutions, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 uses the NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture, a set of backward-and-forward, top-to-bottom compatible graphics drivers that optimise application performance, stability and reliability.

Available in April, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 will be sold by add-in card partners such as PNY (US and Europe), Leadtek (Asia/Pacific) and Elsa (Japan), as well as value-added resellers and system builders.

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