3D Vision

Setup your Driver


Setup your GeForce Driver

  1. Make sure you have installed v186.18 or higher GeForce driver for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. You can check which driver version is installed from the NVIDIA System Scan.
  2. Browse to the Start Menu > NVIDIA Corporation > 3D Vision and select “Enable 3D VISION Discover”.
  3. Follow the steps in the 3D Vision Setup Wizard. Select 3D Vision Discover mode on the right (as seen below). Complete the rest of the setup wizard to finish off setup.
  4. You can now preview 3D screenshots on the hottest games by checking the box to “Launch a slideshow of 3D game images upon finishing the wizard” and clicking Finish. To quit the slideshow, press any key.
  5. You are ready to start immersive stereoscopic 3D gaming! Please visit the 3D Vision Game Support page to see which games are supported.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Hot Keys

Toggling 3D Vision Discover On/Off CTRL-T
Adjusting 3D Depth CTRL F4 to increase 3D depth
CTRL F3 to decrease 3D depth
Toggle the NVIDIA In-game compatibility settings message CTRL-ALT-Insert