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How GRID Boosts Collaboration, Productivity, and Security

Manufacturers count on mobile and distributed workforces to collaborate on designing and producing increasingly complex products. NVIDIA GRIDTM helps take CAD to the next level, with real-time, reliable performance delivered from the data center. Plus, it gives designers and engineers scalable, hardware-based graphics performance for virtualized desktops and CAD software through the use of virtual graphics processing unit (vGPUTM) technology. This increases autonomy and security, while bringing the extended project team together more effectively.

Brilliant CAD and PLM performance for product design and engineering workflows

Designers and engineers using CAD and PLM solutions on virtual desktops get a truly responsive experience—just like they’d expect from a physical workstation. Users can view and work with large 3D models without lag or delay. This translates to increased efficiency and productivity.

Creating a mobile product design and PLM workforce while securing data

Shifting design models and moving data off distributed PCs into your data center secures mission-critical designs and IP, speeds the design process, and gives designers and engineers more work-style freedom. Employees gain mobility and autonomy through instant access to the applications and data they need from anywhere—at the office, on the road, on the factory floor, or even at home.

Real-time, graphics-intensive collaboration for geographically distributed teams

Employees and vendors working in geographically dispersed teams can securely access the tools, design models, and data they need to resolve issues in real-time. This collaboration can help companies recruit top talent in more locations.


NVIDIA GRID uses native NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics drivers that are fully tested and supported by industry-leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in virtual desktop environments. This means that CAD software users get the same graphics performance and experience in a virtualized environment as they would expect from their PC or workstation. NVIDIA GRID also works with leading virtualization solutions to give users access to graphics-intensive CAD applications—and their Windows and web resources—in one unified workspace. Plus, they can streamline and automate desktop and application management.

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