The World’s Most Advanced Data Centre GPUs.

Tesla Data Centre GPUs for Servers

Accelerate your most demanding HPC and hyperscale data centre workloads with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. Data scientists and researchers can now parse petabytes of data orders of magnitude faster than they could use traditional CPUs in applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning. Plus, Tesla accelerators deliver the horsepower needed to run bigger simulations faster than ever before. For enterprises deploying VDI, Tesla accelerators are perfect for accelerating virtual desktops to any user, anywhere.



Accelerating Data Center Workloads with the NVIDIA Tesla Platform


Training increasingly complex models faster is key to improving productivity for data scientists and delivering AI services more quickly. Servers powered by the NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 use the performance of NVIDIA Pascal architecture to cut deep learning training time from months to hours.


Inference is where a trained neural network really goes to work. As new data points come in such as images, speech, visual and video search, inference is what gives the answers and recommendations at the heart of many AI services. A server with a single Tesla GPU can deliver 27X higher inference throughput than a single-socket CPU-only server resulting in dramatic cost savings.

High Performance Computing

HPC data centres need to support the ever-growing computing demands of scientists and researchers while staying within a tight budget. The old approach of deploying lots of commodity compute nodes substantially increases costs without proportionally increasing data center performance.

The NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 for PCIe lets mixed-workload HPC data centers replace up to half a rack of commodity CPU nodes with a single accelerated node, delivering the same throughput in a broad range of HPC applications. With over 400 HPC applications accelerated—including all of the top 10 —all HPC customers can now get a dramatic throughput boost for their workloads, while also saving money.

GPU Ready App Quick Start Guides

The NVIDIA GPU-Ready App Quick Start Guides help you get up and running quickly on GPUs with a simple set of instructions for a wide range of accelerated applications. We work directly with each application developer to ensure simple and optimized instructions.


The intersection of AI and HPC is extending the reach of science and accelerating the pace of scientific innovation like never before. AI is helping tackle previously unsolvable problems by modeling the world using experimental and simulation data. AI is also helping deliver real-time results with models that used to take days or months to simulate. The combination of AI and deep learning algorithms with HPC is expected to profoundly impact every aspect of human life.

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