SPARKLE Computer Co., LTD

SPARKLE Computer Co., LTD was established in 1982.

SPARKLE is a dedicated graphics card manufacturer which has been relentlessly pursuing the fusing of the latest graphics technology into its products; it offers them to consumers at reasonable prices and never ceases listening to consumer’s demands. SPARKLE markets its products around the world, in more than 80 countries across all 5 continents. With its skill-honed teams of professionals, keen sense of market environment and flexible corporate structure, SPARKLE is the elite among its peers.

All of SPARKLE's products meet CE & FCC standards. Our factory operation also has IO9002, ISO14001 and QS9000 accreditation.

Contact Info:
SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd.
5F.-7, No.79, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi City,
Taipei County 221, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-2-7708-6111
FAX: +886-2-7708-8111