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  • ActiveArmor Secure Networking Engine

    Enhances network security while delivering the highest system performance by offloading CPU-intensive packet filtering tasks in hardware, providing users with a PC networking environment that is both fast and secure. Supported on select NVIDIA nForce4 MCPs.

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Online shopping, online banking, and other online convenience services are becoming much more popular with today’s users. You can manage your investment portfolio online, perform money transfers, pay bills, and do almost all of your shopping. The convenience alone is tremendous, but these types of conveniences make a user’s personal information more vulnerable, and that’s why computer security is one of the most important issues facing us today.

As more and more computer users utilize online services, the need for system security increases. To tackle this, NVIDIA delivers native Firewall and Gigabit Ethernet in select NVIDIA nForce MCPs. The secure Gigabit Ethernet network interface features a Firewall with advanced anti-computer-hacking technologies for critical system security. An easy-to-use software interface allows you to instantly enable NVIDIA Firewall and protect your personal information. In addition, the NVIDIA nForce MCPs provide high-speed system performance and advanced storage capabilities for the ultimate multimedia platform.

Most computer firewalls in the market are software-based add-ons. In contrast, NVIDIA Firewall is a "native" hardware-optimized solution. It is an integrated part of the NVIDIA nForce MCPs, and outperforms all other system firewalls in performance and protection.

NVIDIA Firewall supports stateless and stateful inspection, Web-based management, predefined security profiles, port block filtering, remote administration, and provides an easy-to-use set-up wizard. In addition, NVIDIA Firewall has antihacking features such as anti-IP-spoofing, anti-sniffing, anti-ARP-cache-poisoning, and anti-DHCP server—important security controls for corporate network environments. In a corporate setting, an end-point firewall (such as a desktop firewall) with antihacking capabilities can reduce the internally originated security breaches, and can inhibit desktops from generating unauthorized traffic. The result is improved overall security, with reduced requirements from the IT staff.

NVIDIA Firewall technology may be used as a powerful baseline policy enforcer. For full protection, users should augment the protection of the NVIDIA Firewall with leading antivirus and intrusion detection software, which will help them achieve the best total PC security solution.

HardOCP says that NVIDIA Firewall is, 'A must have for your future computing.'