Scalable Visualization

See the big picture with NVIDIA Quadro SVS multi-display solutions

Make viewing and interacting with large-scale rich content a breeze with NVIDIA® Quadro® SVS solutions. Easily deploy multiple displays across a desktop, build an expansive digital signage wall, or create a stereoscopic 3D CAVE with NVIDIA Quadro solutions, available through certified partners.


Connect up to 16 displays
from a single workstation

Easily expand your display space across multiple displays with NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic technology. Span any application across up to 16 high-resolution displays, from a single workstation, without sacrificing performance or image quality.

Display in immersive 3D stereoscopic view

Display in immersive 3D stereoscopic view

See and share your work in a stereoscopic 3D environment from a range of display solutions. With Quadro Mosaic technology, NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Pro solutions, and Quadro GPUs you can view your ideas in true 3D across multiple displays and projectors.


Project in ultra-high resolution

View graphically rich content with more intricate detail from multiple projectors — including 4K — with Quadro Mosaic technology. Quadro high-end solutions deliver advanced features that enable the GPU to perform the geometry and intensity adjustments needed for multi-projector environments. The result is a true single-display experience with multiple projectors.


Build your own multi-display environment with NVIDIA Quadro SVS solutions

  Number of synchronized displays/projectors from a single system with NVIDIA® Mosaic technology
GPU Options Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 8 Up to 12 Up to 16
Quadro K5000 (New!) 1 GPU 1 GPU SLI (2 GPUs) or 2 GPUs + Quadro Sync 3 GPUs + Quadro Sync 4 GPUs + Quadro Sync
Quadro 6000 1 GPU SLI (2 GPUs) - - -
Quadro 5000 1 GPU SLI (2 GPUs) - - -
Quadro Plex 7000 1 System 1 System 2 Systems + D-HIC - -

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