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The NVIDIA® Quadro® NVS 450 multi-display business graphics solution delivers reliable hardware and software for a stable business environment. Proven on leading business applications, Quadro NVS 450 is capable of driving up to four ultra high resolution displays and is designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding business user.

Reliable hardware and software platform
Extensive product development and tested for compatibility with industry-leading business applications ensures reliable system performance.

Robust IT management tools for easy deployment and maintenance
Display and application specific settings are stored on a profile basis that can be easily copied and ghosted over multiple systems

Dedicated enterprise support to ensure system uptime
Dedicated Quadro NVS support team for premium enterprise customers to resolve their unique issues quickly

Multi-display graphics solution compatible with the latest business applications
Single-, dual-, and quad-display architecture with NVIDIA nView allows users to spread their work across multiple displays and maximize productivity through advanced desktop and application management features


nView Advanced-Display Software
The NVIDIA® nView® Advanced Display Software delivers maximum flexibility for single-large display or multi-display options, providing unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience for increased productivity.

NVIDIA Unified GPU Architecture
Industry’s first unified architecture designed to dynamically allocate GPU resources to deliver optimized performance.

Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
Part of the NVIDIA Forceware unified software environment (USE). The NVIDIA UDA guarantees forward and backward compatibility with software drivers. Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product because the latest driver supports all current NVIDIA products (Quadro NVS 280 PCI is supported on a separate stable image branch driver).

Quad DisplayPort
Capable of driving quad ultra high resolution displays at 2560x1600.

High Digital Display Resolution
Internal TMDS transmitters and 400MHz RAMDAC(s) deliver crystal-clear image quality for the high resolution digital displays.

Ultimate Image Quality
Quadro NVS graphics products deliver the industry’s best image quality, sharpness and pixel tracking for analog LCDs, DLPs and plasma displays with resolutions up to 2048 x 1536.

EnergyStar Enabling Design
Enables EnergyStar compliance with low maximum and low idle power levels.

PCI Express 2.0 Compliant
Doubles the data transfer rate up to 5 GT/sec per lane for an aggregate bandwidth of 16 GB/sec bi-directional (8 GB/sec in each direction).

Integrated TMDS Transmitters
Enable support for the latest digital flat panel (DFP) displays.

Essential for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
Offering an enriched 3D user interface, increased application performance, and the highest image quality, NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards and NVIDIA OpenGL ICD drivers are optimized for 32- and 64-bit architectures to enable a smooth Windows Vista experience.

CUDA Parallel Computing Processor
A parallel computing processor architecture exposed through a C language environment and tool suite in combination with high performance visualization, NVIDIA® CUDA™ unleashes new capabilities to solve highly complex challenges such as real-time ray tracing, video encoding, and interactive volume rendering.

Fanless design
Built with a passive heatsink for a quieter desktop environment.

Compatible with Industry Standard Architectures
Compatible with x86 32 and 64-bit microprocessor architectures and operating systems from Intel/AMD and Microsoft/Linux.

NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD Technology
The ultimate high-definition movie experience on your PC by combining high-definition movie decode acceleration and post-processing on HDCP enabled platform, HDCP circuitry, and integration with HD movie players. It delivers superb picture quality for all video formats, as well as stunning HD DVD and Blu-ray movies—with low CPU utilization and power consumption.

Processor Cores 16 (8 per GPU)
Maximum Display Resolution Digital 2560 x 1600
Memory Size Total 512MB (256MB per GPU)
Memory Interface 128-bit (64bit per gpu)
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 11.2 GB/s per gpu
Shader Model 4.0
NVIDIA CUDA checkmark.gif
OpenGL 3.0
Direct X 10
DisplayPort 4
NVIDIA CUDA checkmark.gif