GPU Rendering Roadshow 2014

april 22nd until april 30th 2014

Featuring applications from two leaders in GPU rendering, Chaos Group and Bunkspeed, this roadshow explores breakthroughs in entertainment and product design made possible with NVIDIA GPUs and HP workstations.

Experience a new paradigm in filmmaking. Learn how a team of independent artists led by director Kevin Margo is leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs to create the CG animated short film Construct.

From pre-visualization and look development through final rendering, the Construct team implemented a revolutionary all-GPU workflow using Chaos Group’s V-Ray RT for 3ds Max and Autodesk MotionBuilder running on NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000s and Tesla® K40s.

Premiered at GTC 2014, here is the first teaser trailer for Construct.

Learn how designers use Bunkspeed for digital prototyping, accelerating the process from vision to design. Understand how Bunkspeed’s fast, easy and fun products with NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs deliver an outstanding design visualization experience.

Watch the Bunkspeed trailer >

Sponsored by Autodesk, Chaos Group, HP, PNY, Bunkspeed and NVIDIA, this seminar series goes behind the scenes to explore the team’s breakthrough approach.

Register now for one of the following seminars and win one of the 6 NVIDIA Quadro K5000, by attending once of those sessions live!:

  • April 22-23: Stuttgart at FMX
  • April 24: Warsaw at the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel
  • April 25: Paris at Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Boulogne
  • April 28: Munich at Hilton Munich Park hotel
  • April 29: Berlin at Radisson Blu hotel
  • April 30: London at The Courthouse Hotel


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Chaosgroup/v-ray Autodesk
PNY Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Construction Still

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed


Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed

Image courtesy of Bunkspeed


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Stuttgart, 22nd of April 2014: FMX 2014 - Karlsruhe Room (4pm to 5pm)
Stuttgart, 23rd of April 2014: FMX 2014 - Raum Mannheim (2pm to 3pm)
Warsaw, 24th of April 2014: Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel (3pm to 6pm)
Paris, 25th of April 2014: Radisson Blu Hotel Boulogne (3pm to 6pm)
Munich, 28th of April 2014: Hilton Munich Park Hotel (3pm to 6pm)
Berlin, 29th of April 2014: Radisson Blu Hotel (3pm to 6pm)
London, 30th of April 2014: The Courthouse Hotel (3pm to 6pm)


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