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Accelerate your code with NVIDIA® Kepler™ GPUs, the world's fastest accelerators. The Tesla® K40 GPU is our latest and fastest accelerator. Equipped with 12 GB of memory and powerful features like GPU Boost, Tesla K40 delivers up to 40% more performance compared to the Tesla K20X.

Acceleration Across Domains with GPUS

Tesla K40 Performance Acceleration

Take a free test drive and experience a significant speed up in your application. You can run your own code or try one of the preloaded applications like AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS and LAMMPS. To get started, simply:

  • Sign up by completing the registration form.
  • An NVIDIA rep will contact you and send instructions on how to log in to a remote cluster.
  • Run your CUDA application* on Tesla GPU Accelerators.

Thousands of researchers and developers worldwide have taken the test drive and experienced a dramatic increase in their application's performance. See what researchers are saying about the test drive.

Got questions? Please send us an email.

* Preloaded on the GPU Test Drive Clusters:
   » GPU Computing SDK
   » CUDA Libraries, ArrayFire
   » Molecular Dynamics - AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS, LAMMPS
   » Quantum Chemistry – Quantum Espresso, TeraChem

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