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By filling this form you are eligible to receive a promotional discount to purchase a
Tesla K20 and/or a Tesla K40 active and/or passive card from selected NVIDIA partners - Terms and conditions apply.

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Terms and Conditions


• Only attendees of NVIDIA selected workshops are entitled.

• Max two pieces of Tesla K20/K40 active and/or passive cards per promotional code.

• This offer applies only for cards sold by PNY in Europe thru the authorized Tesla Preferred Providers.

• This offer is valid for 30 days after the workshop end date.

• Attendees will receive via email, after verification of eligibility, a promotional code and the list of the local partners to purchase the card(s) from. The promotional code must be provided to the partner at the time of purchase.

This offer expires in 30 days after the receipt of the email with the promo code.