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  • NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology

    NVIDIA’s multi-GPU technology delivers advanced features that extend battery life and enhance performance by combining a motherboard GPU with a discrete GPU.

  • Optimized PC

    A CPU keeps your PC running, but only an NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU brings your PC’s visuals to life. Optimize your PC, and get GeForce today.

NVIDIA® GeForce® 9400M G motherboard GPU redefines the everyday notebook with world-renowned GeForce graphics. Enjoy vibrant, more eye-popping apps, photos, videos, and games on-the-go.
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High quality visuals and compatibility on-the-go
Immerse yourself in your favorite full-length high-definition movie or 3D applications on a single battery charge and still have battery juice to spare.
Built-in NVIDIA® CUDA™ processor accelerates next-generation applications and games
Transcode videos to your portable media player within minutes or experience stunning realism in games or social networking virtual worlds with NVIDIA® PhysX™.
Optimal power management and amplified performance
Enjoy an hour or more of additional battery life and an 80% increase in performance with Hybrid SLI® technology – the optimal performance on your everyday notebook PC.

Legendary GeForce Compatibility
GeForce® is the software developers’ graphics solution of choice when designing and testing their games and applications. You can be sure that the games and other software you buy will work on GeForce.

CUDA Technology
The 16 parallel processors built into GeForce 9400M G are harnessed by CUDA™ Software to accelerate a broad range of compute intensive applications and games, vastly improving speed and usability.

Hybrid SLI Technology
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI® technology combines the graphics processing power of the GeForce 9400M G motherboard GPU with a second GeForce GPU to increase the visual and gaming performance and extend the battery life of your notebook.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
GeForce 9400M G includes a dedicated PureVideo® HD processor that offloads all the complex and demanding video decoding from the power-hungry CPU. With this purpose-built HD video post processing engine, the GeForce 9400M G brings clear and crisp high-definition video to life, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video while using less power for longer viewing on-the-go.

NVIDIA PowerMizer System Extensions
The dedicated PowerMizer® microcontroller intelligently monitors application and device activity to seamlessly adapt performance to suit the task at hand. By matching the performance to the application, PowerMizer ensures the GeForce 9400M G provides the longest battery life possible.

Processor Cores 16
Gigaflops 54
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 3.6
Memory Clock (MHz) DDR3 1066 / DDR2 800
NVIDIA SLI®-ready checkmark.gif
NVIDIA PureVideo® Technology checkmark.gif
NVIDIA PhysX™-ready checkmark.gif
NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology checkmark.gif
HybridPower™ Technology checkmark.gif
GeForce Boost checkmark.gif
Microsoft DirectX 10
OpenGL checkmark.gif
Certified for Windows Vista Vista Premium
Maximum Digital Resolution 2560x1600
Maximum VGA Resolution 2048 x 1536
Standard Display Connectors DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA