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ActiveArmor Secure Networking Engine


NVIDIA ActiveArmor

At any moment of the day, millions of computers are connecting to the Internet or to public and private networks- online shopping, online banking, online gaming and other conveniences are becoming mainstream for every type of  user. While the convenience of this is tremendous, it also gives spyware applications and hackers the opportunity to infiltrate each and every one of these networked systems, making network security a major concern to consumers and IT professionals worldwide.

NVIDIA understands how sophisticated these intrusions have become and how vital computer security is. Core to the NVIDIA nForce™ Professional and NVIDIA nForce4 MCPs (media and communications processors) is the NVIDIA ActiveArmor™ suite of security features that protect network connections from computer attacks while delivering full Gigabit Ethernet networking access.

ActiveArmor™ Firewall
NVIDIA nForce MCPs have a secure Gigabit Ethernet network interface that features the ActiveArmor Firewall-a "native" hardware-optimized solution built directly into the PC's network connection. The ActiveArmor Firewall protects the PC from hackers or malicious spyware applications and features advanced anti-computer-hacking technologies for critical system security. 

ActiveArmor Firewall is easy to use. Just plug in your Ethernet cable and your Internet connection is protected.  If a spyware application attempts to access the Internet without your knowledge, ActiveArmor Firewall will warn you.  For more advanced users, an easy-to-use software interface is available.

ActiveArmor Firewall supports stateless and stateful inspection, Web-based management, pre-defined security profiles, port block filtering, remote administration, and provides an easy-to-use set-up wizard. In addition, ActiveArmor Firewall has anti-hacking features such as anti-IP-spoofing, anti-sniffing, anti-ARP-cache-poisoning, and anti-DHCP server-important security controls for corporate network environments. In a corporate setting, an end-point firewall (such as a desktop firewall) with anti-hacking capabilities can reduce the internally originated security breaches, and can inhibit desktops from generating unauthorized traffic. The result is improved overall security, with reduced requirements from the IT staff.

ActiveArmor™ Secure Networking Engine*
More powerful versions of NVIDIA MCPs feature the ActiveArmor secure networking engine designed to accelerate the ActiveArmor Firewall so that you can enjoy full Gigabit Ethernet performance with little CPU overhead.  The ActiveArmor secure networking engine improves your user experience and overall PC performance by offloading the CPU from the laborious task of data packet inspection, leaving it free for more important application processing.

This dedicated secure networking engine enhances security while reducing CPU overhead. The ActiveArmor secure networking engine performs a thorough inspection of the data packets that flow in and out of your network connection and allows only the "good" packets to pass through the firewall. It also offers you an intelligent application manager to alert you when unknown applications attempt to access the network. Additionally, ActiveArmor supports the new Microsoft networking architecture for fast and secure networking.

* feature available on NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra and NVIDIA nForce4 SLI models only