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Real-World Challenges
Smarter Robots for Real-World Challenges

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Today's robots can do more than just perform tasks. They can learn, adapt, and evolve using capabilities like machine learning, computer vision, navigation, and more. NVIDIA® Jetson™ uses the power of deep learning to drive this exciting new era of smart embedded robotics—from manufacturing and agriculture to security and home-based healthcare.

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Saverio Murgia, Horus CEO and co-founder, was inspired to create his company two years ago after meeting a blind person on the street who asked for help finding a bus stop. The Horus wearable device uses computer vision and machine learning to aid visually impaired people through the help of Jetson. Now they can read a product label or a book, recognize a friend on the street and get help navigating street crossings and obstacles. Users can also customize the device so it recognizes objects specific to their needs. Learn more about this life-changing technology.

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