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NVIDIA 3DTV Play Overview


Turn your 3D TV into the ultimate, high-definition, 3D entertainment experience by connecting it to your NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU-powered 3D PC or 3D Laptop.


NVIDIA 3DTV Play software gives you the freedom to leverage the 3D processing power of your GeForce GPU to create an immersive 3D experience in your own home. Game night? Convert more than 650 of the most popular PC games into immersive 3D environments.

Watch Full HD Blu-ray 3D playback

Create your own personal 3D theatre experience and surround yourself in the latest Blu-ray 3D movies.

Enjoy 3D pictures on your 3D TV

Relive the moments captured in your 3D pictures as you browse through them on your 3D TV, view them as a slideshow, or share them online at 3DVisionLive.com. Enjoy sports, movies, concerts, and more in amazing, high-definition, full-resolution 3D video--all streamed from 3DVisionLive.com, the world's first dedicated 3D streaming web channel. 3DVisionLive.com is an online video destination that will stream 3D trailers, music videos, sports, shorts, and more for your 3DTV Play™ PC.
Don't just watch, immerse yourself with 3DTV Play!

How do I get NVIDIA 3DTV Play software?

1. Add it to your current PC:
    3DTV Play software is now available as an upgrade for existing PCs. 3D TV Play Free 14 Day Trial.
2. Get a new PC:
    NVIDIA 3DTV Play software will be bundled on select Dell and Asus notebooks, as well as AsRock
    systems. Find a 3DTV PC now.
3. Activate 3DTV Play on your 3D Vision PC:
    NVIDIA 3DTV Play software is available as a free upgrade for 3D Vision PCs. Download the latest
    Release 265 GeForce Drivers or higher for desktop GPUs and Release 265 or higher Verde Notebooks
    drivers for notebook GPUs. (NOTE: the 3D Vision IR emitter is required to activate 3DTV Play software
    on your PC.)

NVIDIA 3DTV Play software at a glance:

  • Get compatibility with HDMI 3D TVs and compatible TV manufacturer's 3D glasses system, including Panasonic® VIERA® Full HD 3D plasma TVs. For a current list of supported 3D TVs and receivers, click here.
  • Convert your standard PC games into 3D so you can play over 650 PC games in stunning 3D environments.
  • Experience crisp, stunning Blu-ray™ 3D movies in full 1080p HD playback.* Your GeForce® GPU accelerates the video decoding to provide seamless 3D quality.
  • Stream 3D videos from 3DVisionLive.com and enjoy sports, movies, concerts and more in amazing, high-definition, full-resolution 3D**.
  • Share your 3D photo collection online or browse through thousands of 3D pictures from other users on 3DVisionlive.com**.
  • Browse 3D photographs on your 3D TV or view them in a slideshow with the included 3D photo viewing software.

3DTV Play software requires a compatible GeForce GPU, Microsoft® Windows® 7, and a compatible 3D TV. Please view the 3DTV Play system requirements for more details where you can also check the list of supported 3D TVs.

View the 3DTV Play User Guide.

* Blu-ray 3D support requires the purchase of a compatible video playback software application from Corel, CyberLink, ArcSoft,
  or Roxio.
** 3DVisionLive.com is supported with the GeForce graphics driver Release 270 and higher.